I am only on my second class and HOLY SMOKES. I love coming to Pilates. Lourdes is patient and informative. I am so glad and thankful I decided to try Pilates.
Lourdes is amazing. I’ve been to other studios and she is the best ever! I’ve had amazing results that never happened with the other ones. She has small classes which allow a very personalized approach and proper form. I wish I had discovered her before I attended other studios.
I've been taking Pilates reformer classes with Lourdes for over a year and a half. The results have been amazing. I'm more tone and I feel so strong and flexible. No workout is the same and she makes class fun. Her new studio is clean and full of all kinds of fun Pilates equipment.
Amazing instructor and studio! The owner, Lourdes, is phenomenal. She takes her time to correct form and makes you sweat at the same time. Very caring. The studio is full of new equipment, really impressed!
I am new to Pilates and I LOVE it!!! Lourdes is a fantastic instructor and makes you feel welcome. So glad I took advantage of this Groupon!
Pilates makes possible all the other activities I do. It keeps me flexible and works all the underused opposing muscle groups I need to stay strong and injury free. Lourdes is a particularly excellent instructor due to her training in multiple modalities and ability to adapt exercises to your ability level.
I've been taking Pilates Reformer classes with Lourdes for over a year. I absolutely love her classes and her approach. She makes our workouts fun and effective. No class is ever the same. Some classes can be rigid and repetitive Not Lourdes' classes. And, the results are amazing. I am so much stronger and firmer. ????
Lourdes is such an incredible teacher. Every movement is explained in detail prior to you being allowed to do the exercise. An amazing experience every session!
My first time taking a Pilates class. Lordes is an awesome instructor. She was very patient, pleasant and ensured that all attendees did the exercises correctly and as a group. I Highly recommend this class.
if there were more stars, I would give Lourdes more! have done Pilates in my home country for 4 years, dropped it for 6 years - could not find someone who ACTUALLY KNEW until I came across Lourdes.
Lourdes is one of the most skillful, patient, and knowledgeable instructors I've had. She always challenges you and makes sure you get everything you want from your workout. She makes sure you leave feeling aligned and looking better! Her studio is beautiful! The classes are always fun and energetic. Thank you Lourdes!
Lourdes has helped me emotionally and physically!! “I have been doing pilates with Lourdes for 3 years already and it has become a part of my daily routine. Lourdes encourages and motivates me to perform to my full potential. She provides you with a lot of feedback for good form to help achieve maximum results. My core is so much stronger since I’ve started pilates and the results were much quicker than all the years of going to the gym. I highly recommend 'Pilates by Lourdes'!"
I added Pilates to my fitness routine several years ago and what a huge difference it has made in my strength, posture, flexibility and overall health. Want to add strength, flexibility, muscle toning, lengthening & sculpting to your current fitness routine too? Lourdes Avitia is a top notch Pilates instructor. Her warm, caring approach makes you feel comfortable the minute you arrive in her studio. Lourdes' sessions are personalized and unique to your abilities and utilizes all the different Pilates equipment - you'll never get bored! Group classes are fun and everyone works at their own level. It's a "no judge" environment and we all support each other. Here's your chance to add Pilates to your life!